Friday, August 28, 2015

Upon Waking

People are too concerned about people. So distracted are we by our differences that we've been overlooking our similarities.

So what makes us similar? What connects us to one another?

It is the Life Force. And the light force is driven by love.

These days, it seems people are afraid of love. Afraid to show compassion. Afraid to admit when they're wrong. Afraid to forgive. Afraid to say something. Afraid to do something.

Our world is riddled with fear. We are surrounded by signs that tell us "NO." We are fed prejudice and racism through advertisements and media. We have been conditioned; conditioned to live through a reality based on fear.

Fear of growing old.
Fear of having less.
Fear of being left behind.
Fear of being overlooked.
Fear of not being listened to.
Fear of being harmed.
Fear of being alone.
Fear of being honest.

Yes, it is dark.
But before there was light, there was darkness.
And before there was darkness, there was light.

Remember, your life experience is unique.
Remember that you are special.
Remember that you can do anything. Remember that you always have a family.
Remember you always have a home. Remember that you always have an opportunity to express love.
Remember to share your insights.
Remember to be honest.
Remember to share your best moments. Remember to listen.
Remember to learn.
Remember your personal standards.

Expect nothing - always be surprised.
Respect everything and everyone - this is a lifestyle.
Project your positives - make your happiness known.
Live through creativity.
Create new solutions.
Help others heal.
Be generous.
See the good in others.
Always be who you want to be.
Share and share often.
Teach what you've learned.
Show others how to improve.
Communicate effectively.
Be wise.
Be clever.
Be charming.

These are essential elements of the Life Force. When practiced and combined a certain energy is created.
I refer to this creation as positivity.

For every negative, there is a greater positive. And for every greater positive there is a greater negative. This is the balance of our universe.

What I find particularly beautiful about this arrangement of circumstance is the fact that positivity will always have the advantage.

And that is because all occurrences that we perceive to be negative or harmful are only moments away from leading each of us to something better, greater, and of healing.

So be concerned if you want. Delve into issues of race, territorial bounds, the rising cost of living, and gentrifications.

Or, create the life you want by maintaining focus on positive outcomes. Create by focusing on the good of today, of right now.
Sustain your ability to create and express love.

Your soul will thank you for it.
And you will thank your soul.

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