Wednesday, March 26, 2014


He's a B-flat whole tone scale kind of guy
who wouldn't know it lest he tried
Never really touched the keys with feeling
until he pressed them next to me

He picked a grand D5 out of the list
A flabby kick, a tight snare, and ride
sequenced them with clever whim
laughing at this silly song

A few suggestions here and there like
subract the sounds as they rerun
shape the length of the pattern clip
and remember to press the song button

Flew the coop, leaving the nest behind
Sped up across the twenty-four
heard the call of our stomachs growl
Seeking provisions wrapped in flour

Can't Get Enough

What I know about her is but topics few
not only does she write, but also reviews
short hand stories read aloud to
tech-head nerdophiles addicted to the news

Subtly revealed to me all the clues
that lead me to believe I sought the blues
Tried my best to abide my rules
that day she laced her running shoes

I've had more and less love to lose
endowing my wounds, she left a bruise
which bled quite black like spoiled fruit
and turned my attention back to the roots

Perhaps I hadn't thought it through
but, what is a conventional man to do?
the night my eyes were brave to woo
that curious guilt that she felt too

Monday, March 24, 2014


There is a beach house in my dreams
riddled with dusty things
on the walls lives a whole history
my collection of memories

The edge of the universe, I have seen
there was nothing there for me
just a grip of complex patterns
I laughed until I cried

Today the fifth year continues
soon coming to an end
I have taken on the task
of letting everything go

it runs on frayed tattered edge

Tiny Beast

It's not easy
but don't forget about it
just put it down
try again another lifetime

ages pass
the children get older
the new age
old propaganda

She's not tame
not like the other ones
a tiny beast
tramps on a small frame

I walked out
and slammed the door behind me
I stamped away
And shook the whole street

Lucid Games

Maybe you will change your mind
Waiting for the light to change
Something here doesn't feel right
You called me out of the blue
In the black of night

I stared at some images
they brought tears to my eyes
You were lying next to me
smiling like a wide eyed child

I was hidden in plain sight
locked behind an open door
Nothing feels quite like
when someone doesn't want
you anymore

Lately, everything around me
softly speaks your name
maybe it's my memories
playing lucid games

When you tried to call me
I ignored my phone
I saw the blinking,
heard the vibrating
Still, I left it alone

If I was by myself
I might have picked up
but I was out and with my friends
you were home and out of luck


It's not so obvious
it's hidden in your eyes
not quite a blanket
but foggy and white
You run from spiders
they chase you in your dreams
some nights you're falling
in and out of sleep
Don't ask your Mama
what the B-word means
She'll drag your confidence
quickly across your cheeks


Maybe I should give up
trying to love you
maybe I should give up
calling you my kin

Am i so bad that you don't wanna know 

who I am
or who we are together?

If you choose to be

You will be alone
If you choose to be
You will be afraid

Does it hurt so bad when you look at me?

Of Who I resemble
Of Who I favor most?

Maybe I should give up

trying to look at you
Maybe I should give up
calling you at all


Honestly It's a bad time
maybe you understand
I've been walking in the rain
I've been smoking again

I've been reaching out to you

with my invisible hand
grasping at superstition
pulling out whats real

Every dream takes time

It's better if you're fast asleep
I don't know, I don't mind
Falling in deep

You like to think you're like me

You like to think you know
I don't really know about that
honestly, I don't