Saturday, October 29, 2016

Over it

I'm not your future or your past
I'm the present
I'm not your future or your past
I'm present in this moment
I'm not looking to guide you
Isn't that your job for me?
I never asked you to do this
How could anyone ask such a thing?
I'm not a virtue to restore you
I'm not a creature just because
Even in my skin, I'm an animal
Everything without is within
I'm not your peacetime, I'm the war
Fighting for later, fighting for before
I'm just a message in a bottle
You are the sea to carry me
Over the ocean
Over, the sea
Over the ocean, I'm
Over it all, now I can see
You live in slow motion
You're moving all around me
I plea for the notion
I believe what I see
It's only cold water
It's thinner than air
A taste of that potion
No two things are fair

Tuesday, October 25, 2016


I like you.
Kind of a lot.
Seen you around and...
It's cool, I dig it.
You're one of those... modern girls, right?
Like hip and "awakened"
Spiritually, I mean.
You look like you know cool stuff
And that's what I like about you.
You look like a damn amazon princess or something...
Yea, it really turns me on.
Turns me on like in a sexual way but like
In a way, you know?
Like something out of the movies or something.
Like, I feel this connection
Even though we've never "connected"
Sexually, I mean.
Like, I've connected with you in the parking lot
Or from across the classroom.
I know you've seen me looking at you.
I was hoping you hadn't...but
I know you've seen me.
Anyway, if you ever want someone to rattle your cages
Call me.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Resist, resist, resist
How can I resist this?
How can I dismiss this resistance?
I am a dog
And I am looking directly at you
Because you're eating
And I want to eat too
I can smell the warm bread in your hands
The aroma of sweet meat between your teeth
I want it all for myself
I am a fog.
And I am hanging directly above you
I see you eating
And I want to eat you
You can smell the dampness in my folds
You can feel me tingling inside your nose
I will make you sick
With resistance.