Wednesday, December 19, 2012

You stopped asking questions
when you found the answer
to all your troubles

Depressed the play button
and hit rewind
living your life on repeat

Teaching the only lesson
you ever learned,
I am your studies' pride

You loved a man who
didn't understand, and
it's safe to say he never will

You are the victim of his awful pride
I am the outcome of the mistake
that you made twice

A long winded sigh would best describe my current life.

Who are you, child? Where do you come from?
What do you want, child? Who keeps you?

Wilder and wilder as these years go on,
and yet I still struggle to be tamed.

I'm taking advice from a bunch on loons,
otherwise known as my family.

Yes, I am still making music.
No, I am not surprised that you asked.
But, I am curious if it really matters to your, or not.

Yes, I am currently looking for a new job.

Oh, I am very creative these days.
The artist in me lives again.

Thank God..

No, I'm not afraid anymore.
In fact, I am very brave.

Test me.

Yes, I sing loudly in cars. And quietly in public.

Yes, I sing loudly in public, and quietly at home.

Yes, I sing loudly at home.

You can't know me.

You can only know me.

I can only love you.

I can only love me, and this life..

It's my decision, after-all..

Whatever that means..

Whatever anything means.

Complicated?? Tell me about it..

Nah, don't.

Actually, please do.

I love a good love story.