Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Look at me.
Just look at me.
That is all it takes.
Grip me into a concussion
with only your eyes.
Only with your eyes.
Despite cliches,
some cannot afford to pay attention.
They reach out with a
subtle invisible stretch
and avoid expectations
at any expense,
retract and bite back
attacking only in defence,
picking away and punching holes
in their white picket fence.
Its a game, I know it's all a game.
We pay to play.
We pay the price.
We eat the meat,
but refuse the rice.
Look at me!
Nothing is wasted,
not even memories.
Time is no commodity,
but a man-made infrustructure.
Are you worth anything to me?
My five minutes, my half of an hour,
my afternoon, my evening,
my morning, my whole day?
My forever? Time is no
commodity. Time is a symbol
to remind us that life is short,
another man made idea.
My life is long, as is my pride,
as is my love, as is my vast,
unending, unbound, unyielding,
annoying spirit.
I will annoy you.
I will employ you.
I will emplore you
to not marry your hand
in vanity.
To not pour gold over
your ambition, but to
reveal your ambition
as it truely is; pure gold.
All else is silver.

Monday, September 23, 2013

There is a bond
shared over years
of much good humor
and ties of trust
Each makes his own sound
no matter how coarse
or loud, or long,
Each makes his own
Once that sound was uniform
it happened all at once
There was a structure
invisible, but audible!
It scared the newer neighbors
they even complained once
but a guardian kept the peace
allowing the sound to build
until the bolts of that tower,
that noisy sonic wall,
its own pieces toppling over
onto itself
There was a period of
But, just as the flattest surface
is not perfectly flat
or the most curved orb
is not perfectly round
the quiet times merely
the tiny noises
All still make noise
some short
some tall
some loud
some quiet
some smooth
some rough
some dissonant
some in beautiful concord
and sometimes
those boys bring their noise
to bury one another beneath it

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Homeless man finds $42K and turns it in, receives $78K in donations

Glen James, a homeless man living in Boston, found nearly $42,000 in a backpack this week and turned it all in to authorities. He was hailed as a hero and honored by the Boston Police Commissioner for "his extraordinary show of character and honesty." The tale could end there as an excellent Good Samaritan story for the day, but there's more. A man from Richmond, Va., who has never met James read about the story and decided more could be done to reward him.
Ethan Whittington launched a campaign for James, who says he has been homeless since 2005. Whittington said he wanted to raise some money to "help this man change his life," thinking he might raise a few hundred dollars. As of Wednesday, more than 3,100 people had donated more than $78,000. Wittington said he is talking to an organization that will help James manage the money, and hopes that this is an example of how we can all help each other if we make the effort. "I feel like, if everybody could come together and create one goal like we've done for Glen, why stop with him? Why can't we influence more people?" Whittington told WSFA 12 News. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Cup of Tea?

When Sub-Inspector Jadhav asked what Vijav Patil was doing at a tea stall in the town of Kolhapur one mid-morning, he was unhappy with the explanation of "cutting chai" - grabbing a quick half-glass of tea - reports the Times of India. So it seems the officer arrested him under a law that allows preventative detention of someone suspected of being about to commit a crime.
However, Mr Justice Gautam Patel, at Bombay High Court, was not impressed and ordered police to drop the case. "We were unaware that the law required anyone to give an explanation for having tea, whether in the morning, noon or night. One might take tea in a variety of ways, not all of them always elegant or delicate, some of them perhaps even noisy. But we know of no way to drink tea 'suspiciously'," he's said to have ruled. Prosecution pleas that Mr Patil was known to the police reportedly cut no ice with the judge: "Cutting chai is permissible, cutting corners with the law is not."

Thursday, September 5, 2013


It is so important to be healthy, both physically and mentally.
Am I a fool to think life isn't as short as some say? I say, 'no.'
But, to be one thing in one way is to be all ways in one thing.

Or maybe not.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My heart is a candle in the dark.