Monday, September 23, 2013

There is a bond
shared over years
of much good humor
and ties of trust
Each makes his own sound
no matter how coarse
or loud, or long,
Each makes his own
Once that sound was uniform
it happened all at once
There was a structure
invisible, but audible!
It scared the newer neighbors
they even complained once
but a guardian kept the peace
allowing the sound to build
until the bolts of that tower,
that noisy sonic wall,
its own pieces toppling over
onto itself
There was a period of
But, just as the flattest surface
is not perfectly flat
or the most curved orb
is not perfectly round
the quiet times merely
the tiny noises
All still make noise
some short
some tall
some loud
some quiet
some smooth
some rough
some dissonant
some in beautiful concord
and sometimes
those boys bring their noise
to bury one another beneath it

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