Friday, March 24, 2017

You tore up the papers
Ripped the pages from every book
You lie there desperate
Broke but not broken
You took a deep breath
Full of smoke and resin
Forcing yourself into a dream

You drank every single ounce
And it filtered out
Blink once if you can hear me
A head full of medicine
A fist full of questions
Ask and you shall receive
You've conquered everything
Except your own
You make these promises
You say the words
But do you mean them?

Imagine another life
where you were cut
from every sound
There is no other like you
If you could turn it around
Could put it down
for a while
would you?

The Sun will burn out
But not before you
There is a universe
An endlessness
Reach out and touch it
There is a hemisphere
A ring of light
Singing like the sunrise
Reach out
Reach out and touch it

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Ok you've proved your love
I get it, you want me
Every phone call, every text message
You're torturing us both

Do you really want me to be your man?
I can be a tireless effort
But I can't tell if you actually understand
Or if you are just as selfish as me

You can kiss me, we can fuck
Perhaps somewhere in there make love
It's my head that isn't there
Nor here or anywhere

I get it, you're feeling guilt
You swallowed before you could taste it
Now there's a lump stuck in your throat
Choke it down with haste

For a while I felt guilt
It lingered in every blink
My legs were set to run far away
But I waited in disbelief

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


It's midnight in my bedroom
I've got the stereo on
It seems everyone is asleep
All except lonely me

I can't escape the envy
It's the old biting jealousy
How can I not compare myself?
If i could only look away

Often I think I'm better
than every man around
More common I find myself worse
Unstable, unsound

What will be of all this effort?
All this time behind a screen
Mirrors of mirrors, rows and rows
The more I click the less I know

Thursday, January 19, 2017


The Sun rises over the bluff
And the clouds roll out in mass
I'm aiming for the top
I'm looking through the glass
Heaps of tangled rock
A hindrance on the range
One day I'm going to do it
One day I'm going to change
These alps are crystalline
And white throughout the boundary
I'm not floating in the frame
I'm climbing up the barricades
I can feel I'm at the brink
I see it around the corner
It's drifting closer to me
Then it curtains and retreats
The Sun sets in the valley
And the rains starts to go down
There's a silence on every bank
Widening the horizons gate
I will lay down in that crevice
Press my feet into the dirt
Will my compass cease it's surging
When I send it back to Earth?

Friday, January 6, 2017

I saw your foggy eyes roll like little boulders down a mountain.
Your little shirt kept you subdued in an undercooked attitude.
And suddenly your love hit me like an immense truck.
And all our past began to pepper my thoughts.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

We used to be friends
But you don't ask about me
You only talk about yourself
Walk amongst yourself
Take everything for yourself
Its you you you
So have it all
Take all you want
It's free
And In the end
We're nothing
No hard feelings

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Some enjoy the drag
the pushing, the shoving
all the talking, the need to please,
their heads under a heavy thumb.
It kills me, the monotony of it all.
I enjoy repetition only in little bits
And sometimes the idea of a regular routine
Actually sounds appealing.
But I am, as I have finally accepted,
am more animal than man.
And animals must be free
without demand or need, but
with pure instinct.
I do take what I want.
I do eat when I hunger.
And this animal hungers
for more than sweet meats
for more than bitter herbs
and plain vegetation.
This beastly, hybrid spirit
seeks liberation.
Liberation of the soul
Liberation of the mind
Liberation of the cold
gritty construct of modernity
and all his economic pressures.
Perhaps scarcity of solitude
pushes this animal on.
For it's very sweet when we have our cave
to ourselves.
And far sweeter when we have the right company
to share within solitude.
But the dog needs not a human.
The cat needs not to be harassed.
The animal needs another animal
with just the right instincts.
A similar reflex for all freedoms.
The taste for inhibited lust.
Yes, some people enjoy the drag,
the pushing, the shoving.
I enjoy the quiet
the stillness
In solitude

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Do I show up everyday
Knocking at your door?
Are you always waiting
with open arms?
I do let myself fall into
the mystery of you,
only sometimes like
when I was a child.
I'm older now,
a little more grey
and my heart has learned a thing or two.
Those lessons of the heart,
which are sometimes so swift
yet often so lengthly strung
from romance to romance
are but independent threads
wrapping and weaving the soul.
This blanket of life, this veil, this
starts only from a thread
whom needs steady hands to help guide.
And they show up everyday
knocking at my door.
Am I always waiting with open arms?

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Over it

I'm not your future or your past
I'm the present
I'm not your future or your past
I'm present in this moment
I'm not looking to guide you
Isn't that your job for me?
I never asked you to do this
How could anyone ask such a thing?
I'm not a virtue to restore you
I'm not a creature just because
Even in my skin, I'm an animal
Everything without is within
I'm not your peacetime, I'm the war
Fighting for later, fighting for before
I'm just a message in a bottle
You are the sea to carry me
Over the ocean
Over, the sea
Over the ocean, I'm
Over it all, now I can see
You live in slow motion
You're moving all around me
I plea for the notion
I believe what I see
It's only cold water
It's thinner than air
A taste of that potion
No two things are fair

Tuesday, October 25, 2016


I like you.
Kind of a lot.
Seen you around and...
It's cool, I dig it.
You're one of those... modern girls, right?
Like hip and "awakened"
Spiritually, I mean.
You look like you know cool stuff
And that's what I like about you.
You look like a damn amazon princess or something...
Yea, it really turns me on.
Turns me on like in a sexual way but like
In a way, you know?
Like something out of the movies or something.
Like, I feel this connection
Even though we've never "connected"
Sexually, I mean.
Like, I've connected with you in the parking lot
Or from across the classroom.
I know you've seen me looking at you.
I was hoping you hadn't...but
I know you've seen me.
Anyway, if you ever want someone to rattle your cages
Call me.