Friday, July 11, 2014


Things aren't so light
like the veins in a butterflys wing
But rather startling heavy;
the rock where my heart should be
Memories are just like people
arbitrarily kind or cruel
I behold a kingdom of memories
over my soul they rule

The mind is an unjust kingdom
it beheads young bodies of thought
premature actions cropped and numbed
the lifeless receipts of each intention bought
 this intent is paid with uncollected debt
phantoms owed to the next set of deeds
"Next Time" written in fine black ink
each little ticket reads

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Trouble and You

What am I going to do without you?
where will I go?
You're like the cold of the mountain
beneath a blanket of snow
You say I'm fine and perfect
that you could drink me like wine
But I can't decant from what I'm feeling
the air is too thin

What can I say to melt the ice
gathered at your gate?
If my words turn to fire
then scoot close to me
I'll be the desert when 
you need to dry your running tears
I'll be the safest place to hide
when you need shelter from fear

Tell it like it is
Like it was
and will always be
Don't listen to your Mother
Don't listen to me
I'm trouble, yes it's true
and trouble is in love with you

You don't have to worry
if it's not in the cards
But if you get discouraged
I know, it gets hard
Call me when you want me
just don't wait too long
A good thing will always live
even when it's dead and gone
is it dead and gone?

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Kind Like Kind

Kind are like kind
always searching outside
pulling in self projections
clustering like upon like