Friday, June 20, 2014

Prompt: 06/20/14

It is not up to us to correct the mistakes of our parents
but to pave over our own paths with hope, ideas, and solutions
adding value to our individual and collective experience
assuring ourselves and our ancestors that whatever attempts
were made to insure a promising present and future, 
those attempts both successful and otherwise, 
are surely not in vain, but rather cherished events
that will forever be hearkened  in the chambers of our hearts.

Monday, June 9, 2014

I Am Defender

Against the throws of war
I am the defender of my heart.
Poisoned arrows with sharpened tips
soar with accusations dripping down their silvery lips 
ready to puncture my every pride.
But I am the defender of my heart.
When lovers complete the idea of me 
with incomplete ideas of me, 
a hollow shell of my actuality 
is animated 
and mocks me like a cartooned parody.
I am the defender.
A patient heart is a determined heart,
not waiting, but patient. 
Indeed wading, patiently, through thick 
and sticky scores of sluts, tramps,
and hooligans, all waiting with bows and arrows in hand.
Here I stand, the shield, the man,
the only defender of my heart. 
The blade sheathed in me is sharp and quiet, 
can reduce a loose tongue to a 
removed one, and will pierce the ears of 
any fortunate enough to hear what truth I speak, 
or stab, for my blade runs deep.
And it must. Because in me, my soul has trust. 
I seek within, beyond the moths and rust, 
between the unsettled dust, 
beneath the copper crust. 
I am the defender.
When chicks play games and lick the names 
of the many men they've fucked and bent, 
I write the boards and bar my chords 
pressing ink to page while burning sage.
Needless to say, the nights are solitary 
in my home. 
I thrive by candle light, 
fire helps me write, 
the flame insist that much burns inside of me. 
The pain, the shame, the 
misery, all melt off like calories.
I exercise the defender in my heart.
I have friends in many places, some wear 
two, three, four, and five faces. 
Some are copy cats and rely on traces 
to shape their lives and like glass blown vases 
are full of hot air. 
Speak your peace or let your words rest peacefully, 
because only deeds can be 
resurrected successfully, 
and the groundsman gave the keys to me, 
I run the graveyard shift in to the early morning. 
Would you believe how many thoughts are buried in this cemetery? 
Six feet beneath actions, respectfully. 
Where is the love you ask? 
Well where do I start? Begin where it ends.
I am the defender of my heart. 

Friday, June 6, 2014


Just as they created us
we created them
gestures of our human nature
are broadly traced upon their inner and outer contours
Up on great legs, these deities walk
trampling over mountains
swimming in the seas
growing vast valleys on their backs
Some say there is only one
that He is the greatest of the greater,
that She is the spirit, the Mother,
the Creator
Some shatter the spirit into many fragments
For there are rulers over all of my affections, 
my despairs, my prides, and my pities.  

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


I cut my face leaving this city
on the sharpest words I think I ever did speak
Now, I don't mind apologies all the time
But I swear I'll never, ever say I'm sorry

We caught a lucky break on Valentines Day
I bought a two way ticket and a hotel where we could stay
Meet me here in Bakersfield, halfway
We could settle down and talk the day away

With no self control,
no question why,
no giving up, 
no saying goodbye
no reason to ever stop
loving you

A stranger called on the telephone
it was a dirty prank played by a local boy
Nothing here interest me except you, my dear
So lets pack our bags and never come back again

But we made love late into the morning
I watched you changing in the mirror
The teddy bear I bought was tossed in the corner
We spilled some red wine and caught it on camera

With no self control
no question why,
no giving up,
no saying goodbye
no reason to ever stop
loving you

No letting go, 
no nights alone
no kiss and run,
except with tongue
no reason to ever stop
loving you