Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Look at me.
Just look at me.
That is all it takes.
Grip me into a concussion
with only your eyes.
Only with your eyes.
Despite cliches,
some cannot afford to pay attention.
They reach out with a
subtle invisible stretch
and avoid expectations
at any expense,
retract and bite back
attacking only in defence,
picking away and punching holes
in their white picket fence.
Its a game, I know it's all a game.
We pay to play.
We pay the price.
We eat the meat,
but refuse the rice.
Look at me!
Nothing is wasted,
not even memories.
Time is no commodity,
but a man-made infrustructure.
Are you worth anything to me?
My five minutes, my half of an hour,
my afternoon, my evening,
my morning, my whole day?
My forever? Time is no
commodity. Time is a symbol
to remind us that life is short,
another man made idea.
My life is long, as is my pride,
as is my love, as is my vast,
unending, unbound, unyielding,
annoying spirit.
I will annoy you.
I will employ you.
I will emplore you
to not marry your hand
in vanity.
To not pour gold over
your ambition, but to
reveal your ambition
as it truely is; pure gold.
All else is silver.

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