Monday, July 27, 2015

I've scribbled out expectations all over this place
with woes and foes and troubles twisting my face
Everything I see is doubled, tripled, or bent
I make a little money, but my job keeps me spent

I've had a few lovers, some of my best memories
But when I open up to my friends it's all complaining
What happens next? I wish I had a summary
Or at least a place to stay cool 'neath this summer heat

Made a few new friends, inherited a family
People that I love to see and cherish inherently 
One whispered my name and passed a note to me
It was an invitation for a lunch meet and greet

Still, I was troubled because the girl I'd been seeing
Was conjuring strong feelings, but my feelings were fleeing
We were a match made on Tinder with a solid first date
And though she was lovely, I still loved my last mate

Whom happened to call me one day at the lake.
She told me she was ready to put it all away
Her  counselor said this, and her counselor said that
I told her that I missed her and wanted her back

She agreed it was worth it, we'd give it another try
But I now I think she's with some other guy
I try to stay cool when females get me tripping
So my pipe remains lit, my paint steadily dripping

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