Thursday, May 2, 2013

How could he have been so cruel to her?
She is, after-all, just a girl
She reads probably more than anyone he knows,
and quite swiftly.
And writes!
What a shame it is that he did not get the chance
to read one of her journals.
What a shame, indeed.
Though, she was a bit crazy,
childish, and a drunk,
she still cared, longed, tasted,
and touched
very much
like a human being.
How could he have been so careless?
The heart is both resolute and fragile.
Had he not ever before had his heart broken?
Smashed! Corrupted! Shattered! in a similar
manner to what he did to her?
Yes, in fact, he had. By those before her,
and those before them, and so on.
Though, he is a bit crazy,
he still cares, longs, taste,
and touches
very much
like a human being.

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