Wednesday, January 29, 2014


You gave me a warning
and ruined my ruined day
You can't say you're sorry
and I can't contain myself

Me and my buddies
are taking a trip across town
We're dressed in all black
marching up to your door

The sound of singing
ringing through the halls and the walls
afflicts me like poison
Rushing into my viens

I could turn back
but the door swings wide open
I can't turn back
the window is closing

To whom do I owe
this awful introduction?
I am aghast
at a too soon insult

Your back always turned
Offered us a seat on the floor
Hidden behind the framed glass
Actually, you didn't get my name

I'll sit where I want
Me and my friends
share the psuedonym
And I'm in your house

This is a bad idea
Can you see it my eyes?
All the trouble of my life
Has brought me here tonight

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