Wednesday, August 19, 2009


What the fuck are you doing? You claim to have this... no, you don't claim. That's your problem. You don't claim anything. You can't take responsibility. You can't handle the slow progression of good fortune. You want everything now. You want the world to bend around you, for you. So here we are. You're not only wasting your time but, you're wasting my time. In fact, you're wasting everyone's time. That's why your friends are gone. That's why you're alone. That's why you feel like such a black fucking sheep. The truth is, you are. You are a black sheep. Not even good enough to be a regular member of the mass. Far from being a sheppard. You big coward. You're so shallow. You know it too. That's why you're so afraid. Afraid because you know that your mind is so wrong, so backwards, if you let anyone inside they would sure shun you. They would hear the dirty and filthy garbage that flows through your vessles. They would hear you vomit strange incoherant words into the air and watch them fall at your feet. And in this sewage, you tread. Everyday, you tread on. No one knows you. And it's killing you. It's damage what little of a soul you have left. It's your drill-bit to the temple. You're not as sharp as you seem. You're not as cool as you pretend to be. You're not as good looking as you want everyone to think. You are nothing. You are just an accident. A coincedence. A mistake. Look around you kid. See that sky you're always talking about? Past that, see that space? That infinite nothing? See it? Well who the fuck are you? You're impossible. I don't know why I even bother... I've tried. I've fucking tried. I tried talking to you. I tried reasoning with you. I even thought about killing you but, neither of us would benefit from that anyway... Just get your shit together. Seriously. I hate to see you like this... I hate to be around you when you're like this. 'Cause I don't get it! I don't fucking get it. Do something with your life. You're neither talk, and you're neither action. You just fucking run. Stop fucking running. Stop fucking around. Stop fucking around. Stop fucking around. Stop fucking around. Stop fucking around. Stop fucking around. Stop fucking around.

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