Thursday, January 19, 2017


The Sun rises over the bluff
And the clouds roll out in mass
I'm aiming for the top
I'm looking through the glass
Heaps of tangled rock
A hindrance on the range
One day I'm going to do it
One day I'm going to change
These alps are crystalline
And white throughout the boundary
I'm not floating in the frame
I'm climbing up the barricades
I can feel I'm at the brink
I see it around the corner
It's drifting closer to me
Then it curtains and retreats
The Sun sets in the valley
And the rains starts to go down
There's a silence on every bank
Widening the horizons gate
I will lay down in that crevice
Press my feet into the dirt
Will my compass cease it's surging
When I send it back to Earth?

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