Tuesday, October 25, 2016


I like you.
Kind of a lot.
Seen you around and...
It's cool, I dig it.
You're one of those... modern girls, right?
Like hip and "awakened"
Spiritually, I mean.
You look like you know cool stuff
And that's what I like about you.
You look like a damn amazon princess or something...
Yea, it really turns me on.
Turns me on like in a sexual way but like
In a more...like...dynamic way, you know?
Like something out of the movies or something.
Like, I feel this connection
Even though we've never "connected"
Sexually, I mean.
Like, I've connected with you in the parking lot
Or from across the classroom.
I know you've seen me looking at you.
I was hoping you hadn't...but
I know you've seen me.
Anyway, if you ever want someone to rattle your cages
Call me.

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