Thursday, October 2, 2014

MB vs BC

What a cheeky bugger 
 I am not paying any attention whatsoever
it's Friday so who cares
and, in searching for that
I found the weirdest picture
 I think I've ever seen
 forward it
looks like it
maybe, kinda looks like it
(answered my own question)
he looks like a regular dude
on the beach
 the vinyl costs 30 lbs
that's heavy
It might change your mind
 It changed mine
but then again
 there has never been a good host
Kiss on the mouth, grab of the boob

 I religiously watch that show

because of him

but if you don't like him, you don't like him
though, he's a great host 
I almost feel like this is a practical joke
Prank on a Frank Day
Gag on a Fag
taken two ways
Con on a Jon
hurry the fuck up
 say that
I dare you
double dare in fact
but, I was on mute
you sure?
Guess again!
you heard, you read me
that's my line
I invented it
I had coffee again
can you  tell?
some would say it's a miracle
I'm getting it, alright....
 I bought some things I couldn't pass up this week
the one with a fist on one side
 who could forget Big Gay Chris
he took us to his favorite sex shop
partly out of amusement
and partly out of amusement
it was like an elbow
the way it goes into the girl
That sounds painful...
I can't not tell anyone ever
it must be shared
this guy did the impossible

I took a melatonin last night
I keep a bottle by my bedside
thought I'd give it a go
it's the kind of thing you take it just every once in a while, 
it's probably ok
but when you take it every night
 its coming from somewhere else
stupid brain

oh my God
my dreams were intensely vivid
with no end in sight
i know
I would like you to tell me the very first thing that comes to mind
i haven't gotten the picture yet
keep guessing
 the obvious function
is not it's purpose
like lifting weights with her lips
 popular as a bedroom toy
where is the moving part
to keep your mouth open
 I'm guessing
it has resistance
so she is supposed to bite
but come on

perfect way to end a skit
a three minute conversation about nothing
so I'm off the phone
copy if you can
I don't know, that's probably illegal
HIGHLY illegal
 it's above the law
 I'll give you three
above the Law...
yes, please
my new favorite number
not Friday anymore
the perfect day
That's the winner
what I would do for one of those
Would you kill a man?
depends on the man
he's probably cool

I mean

that could be me
two heads, hands up

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