Friday, October 10, 2014


Hickory Dickory Dock
Last night a man got shot
Over a gold chain
The shooter had no brain in his membrane 
or respect for life
A man was ended last night
Hickory dickory dock

Dickery Dickery Dare
He had his hands in the air
wave a gun like you just don't care
A puncture through the heart
to accessorize the clothes he wears
We live in the same city but we can't share
Dickery Dickery Dare

Hippity Hoppity Ho
Blood spurts with just one blow
Blood stains on the girl just he met
Staring up at her facing his death
her number in his wallet dripping red and wet
Hippity Hoppity Ho

Chickory Cherokee Woo
Guess what their teaching in school
how to sing nursery rhymes at three
Instead of who these kids could really be
Have them write their name in cursive one hundred times
over the murder docket sentencing them to two hundred lifes 
These children are bleeding out in the street to nursery rhymes
Chickory Cherokee Woo

Hickory Dickery just won't do.

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