Monday, September 15, 2014

Mr. Young

You're a hard hearted little boy
with a harsh and critical attitude
You whip your little yellow tongue
snapping out small, subtle insults
and poison the air

You'd like to think we're not similar
but, brother we are.
Though a canyon separates our cultures
we are bound by nature,
mother fucker.

Frankly, I don't like you much
and that's what I like about you
That you could care less and never more
keeping your nose up
while you look down

You dress as sharply as you speak
and sometimes just as colorfully
But I hear you mostly talk about
"Weak shit" and "rude shit"
and that is you

I heard you bragging about yourself
how you stay away from outer influence
yet you criticize how your brothers live
and offer your best advice
behind their backs (hypocrite)

I appreciate your existence
the gift of lessons you bring
that I was sort-of once like you
except taller, bigger,
and grateful of most things

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