Wednesday, May 28, 2014


I want to love you, but
I don't know what to do about it.
I want to you kiss you, but
I am so scared of the taste.
I want to tell you how
I've waited all these years to tell you, but
I don't bother cause you've
cut off both your ears.

I think about you when
I'm out drinking alone.
I start to day dream with
the pictures on my phone.
I think I need you.
I think I'm wrong.
I feel you moving, but
it's just you moving on.

I read your articles.
I read you mind.
I think about the bank where
you save up you're time.
I'm just a dreamer.
You're just a dream.
I think you love me, but
I'm caught up in the seems.

You want to reach out, but
you don't want to seem vulnerable.
You want your freedom, but
it comes at such great cost.
You want protection.
You want control.
You want the person who
can fill up all the holes.

You're always busy.
You're never home.
You only think of me
when you feel all alone.
You say you're right.
You probably are.
You feel so close, but I
push you way too far.

You never ask me
how I'm doing anymore.
You only assume
I'm the same as once before.
You say you're sorry.
I don't speak.
We're like a sad song
broken on endless repeat.

We're seven verses sung
in discord harmony.
A dissonance heard
by ears of likened hearts.
A major melody.
A minor chord.
The sweet resolve
led into a soft encore.

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