Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hold On (We're Almost There)

(For the people of Bangladesh and the souls of their loved ones- safe passage)

Take cover
it's coming down crashing
the ceiling is coming undone
piece by piece it's falling apart
the walls are crushed
and ground into dust
It breaks my heart
Hold my hand in yours...

us into salvation
Our bodies are given away
piece by piece we're all torn apart
our bones are crushed
and found in the dust
It's shakes my heart
Lord, my soul is torn

Don't worry
of who is to blame
the dark of the dawn has come
piece by piece we're taken apart
and sewn back up
bound by our trust
I place my heart
in the hands of yours

So hold on,
We're almost there..
We hold on,
We're almost there!

Take cover!
It's coming down crashing!
The ceiling is coming undone!

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