Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Pouring down the dark highway
just moments before the coming dawn
softening up my waking senses
raising Cain inside my skull

freaked out on a glowing highway
absorbed in the neon lights
pink and green intoxicate me
raucous laughter and muddled behavior

indistinct and inebriated
glazed and high, you know it ain't nothing
compotation on carousals
lit and lush, now I want something

on a trip of sent consumption
tumultuous and turbulent
dry and flaky on the inside
sobering up like a wet sponge in the Sun

pictures of her under the table
plastered on the bathroom wall
all my memories come on doubled
I am steeped in nostalgic behavior

intemperate and rebellious
baked and bombed, I'm all night long
enraptured and exhilarated
tanked and fried, got my hands tied

If it's all a dream
I'm ending it now
It's a break in the clouds
hard light shining down
There's a tear in my eye
from sinus congestion
am I dead or alive?
Well, that's the question..

Slipping out of that saturation
She's the rhythm, she's the sound
I desire no separation
So I dig in deep and make my girl proud

I can't touch her, but I can feel
her sine waves are oscillating
wired to my instrument
my tool, my love, I'm never leaving

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