Wednesday, April 11, 2012


It was, as it always is, fuzzy and dark, though, this time, it was under water.

The ha

I don't really know how to describe it.

A few friends and I were walking down a long hallway, like that of a museum. The walls were steel painted yellow. Our walked stopped and we found ourselves staring at the nose of a sinking ship. A thick pane of glass separated us from the sunken beast. The water was deep blue. A white light frolicked on the surface of the water. I opened the hatch and without haste began to swim. I propelled myself alongside the ship, my gaze fixed upon the silver panels and black windows. It wasn't long before I realized that I was not alone. A woman from my work, Grace, was floating beside the back end of the ship. She seemed to be keeping guard of the drowned vessel. I greeted her as I swam in her direction. A bright smile flashed back at me and through her lips a friendly "Hello!" She wore a tan jacket with a white blouse and white pants, her hair in a bun, black rimmed glasses rested on her face, and a backpack of scuba gear to keep her afloat. "Still out here?" I asked.
"Yep! A few more hours to go!"
I smiled as I replied, "Well, good luck!" and swam away.


The next night I returned to the ship. It hung in the water. A sharp black mass suspended, its nose pointing at anyone who dares to look through the thick glass. The object seemed to stare at you, like a mean fish. In the dark blue waters floated something else. It had many limbs and red eyes. It floated idly, almost meaningless. I felt no fear. Turning to the hatch, I opened the door and let myself into the tank to join the ship and the many-limbed monster. My arms pushed me passed the beast with ease, it almost wasn't there, and I swam upward towards the back of the ship where, once again, the chinese woman from work floated. This time, she was already smiling, as if she had spotted me first.
"Grace? Have you been out here all night?"
"Yes!" She replied. Her eyes flickered and she continued, "I've been out here since last night."
"What? That's ridiculous! Were you locked in here?"
"Geez. That's terrible! It's dangerous in here."
"I know! I can't believe it! I wonder what my boyfriend will think? He's probably wondering where I am."
"Yea, probably. Alright, Grace, I will catch you later."
I swam away, catching a few glimpses of the downed tank, the red-eyed mass perched beside it. The water was not cold, it almost didn't exist.


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