Friday, December 2, 2011

I should keep  one of these things with me at all times. That way when ever I get ideas I can jot them down quickly here.

Recently, I've learned that my preferred medium of writing (quickly) is via keyboard. I love hand writing certain thoughts and poems (using poems loosely), but typing is almost... second nature. It's been integrated into expressive traits. This must be through circumstance of being born in the computer age. My generation, and one before me, were a part of that great transition where computers were readily available for the new-wavers and still a gray mystery to the old-schooled. My mother, for instance, doesn't know jack about computers (or pretends not to). She is always asking me for help, she operates in waves of curiosity and insecurity when it comes to computers. For a time this frustrated me, but I came to a greater understanding of her struggles once I learned more about my great conveniences. It's easy being 23 in the 20th century. Everything is laid out in front of you. "How do you tie a knot?" "How do you give a massage?" "How do you sing?" One can almost guarantee that any question someone may have has already been adhered to the sticky walls of the internet (and, yes, they are very sticky). It may not be in English, it may not be worded the same way you would word it, but it has most likely already been asked. This isn't to say there is nothing left to be said or asked, but that there is going to be that much more to be questioned! Now that our puny species has come this far, our apex, we will continue to out-do ourselves by creating even more conveniences, more readily available information with ingenious practical ways to access said information. The "push-button" mentality has become greater. Search, find, devour. We are hunters and gatherers of the 20th century. We need not nutrition for our bodies any longer, flesh is now obsolete. We hunger now for vanity. This is the era of beautiful us. "Look at what WE have done, Great Universe! Look at us now!" It is a beautiful thing living in the future. Magic is real. Sustenance is possible. Immortality is just beyond the horizon (very advanced nano-technology will take care of those too quickly diminishing cells of ours). Quantum gravitation is here! We can make shit float!! What a rush of intense feeling I had when the assumed scientist placed a smoking disc atop a circular track, to see the disc floating there "locked in Quantum space." A flick of his finger and the disc raced above the track about an inch high. Possibility is here.

One morning, traveling from a small town to a larger town with a small city to a larger city with a small town, I began to get sick. I went from a warm bed, to a cold bathroom, to a warm showers, back to the bedroom, to a even colder outside, on to a very warm bus, to a cold bart station, to a warm bart train, continued on long cold walk to work, and finally to a mild stockroom. See the pattern yet? No wonder I was getting sick, my body is startled by these changing conditions! So now I leave the house wearing enough clothes to only feel one thing: cozy.

Recorded some songs the other night.. A session of live songs sung here in my bedroom. A comfortable setting for me.. alone in a dim lit warm space. Wearing the clothes that fit me best with a blonde guitar that buzzes and sings with the sweetest harmony. The buzz used to annoy me until I realized it wasn't the guitar that was buzzing, but buzzing because of me. So I changed my tune.. I play her differently and she sings to me. Very sweetly, the blonde guitar. Gave the redhead away to my sister. It wasn't until I gave it away that I realized how sweet she is. I played her softly against my chest and we sang together in the same breaths. Me and the redhead guitar. The brunette lost her strings because of a broken nut. I tried to repair it, but had purchased the wrong replacements. Now she's just hanging around, strings unbound. Went and bought a Frankenstein. A Fender-Johnson hybrid. Hums nicely. The Ibanez bass is quiet these days, but we play around every now and then. And the classic keeps me entertained.

Feeling pretty good about myself these days. Breaking bad habits down bit by bit. I've gone one week without a certain couple of poisons. Come one week two! Also changing my diet. Watched a documentary last night called Forks Over Knives. Very informative. I suggested anyone interested in bettering their health should watch that particular peice of work.

The night is dead and the day has begun. Off to have some fun. 

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