Wednesday, December 1, 2010

causing us to flip and fight
when only silence fills the room.
The smell of candles burning out
our anniversary.
When I ask "which one?"
hopefully she'll smile when I follow with,
"We have so many.."
I think about you when
the moon forgets the to shine.
When I'm lonely 
you brighten up my night.
Tears have gathered under
the roofs of clashing colors.
You called me dreamy eyes.
I'm no poet but, you make me want to write.
You're no musician but, you tell me how to sing.
If we were lovers when
man lived in caves
I'd gather berries and bones for you love.
Would go hunting in the middle of the night
in search of fire to keep you warm.
I'm not expensive, my love don't cost a thing.
The price you pay is that I'm boring.
There's many men on the tail of your coat.
Do they look at you the way I do?
Would you want them to?
Two years gone and I don't know how to touch you
could break me down all over again
But a lover doesn't leave and get angry.
A lover leaves and comes back for more
only stronger.
You hate it when I can't decide
because it's the story of my life
and when I bottle it all up.
But that's just me.
I'm changing with the trees.
New branches to grow new leaves.
Taller and stronger in the winters bloom.
The garden of youth has no more room.
I know exactly what you want
but I'm not her.
No I'm not her.

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