Friday, April 2, 2010


I can't get around it. Facebook here, Facebook there. Myspace here, Myspace there. Status status. Update update. What's on your mind? What's on his mind? What's on hers? This is spinning out of control. Text messages. Where are you? Why did you text me? Can I come? What's wrong? Are you Ok? Hey how's it going!? What's the deal? What's the word? Spinning out of control. Email frenzy. Pop-up pop-ups. Blocked. Delete. Delete. Scan images. Take pictures with your phone. Make calls from your camera. Video messages. Audio hallucinations. Disabled. Forbidden. Hidden. Instant message. Twitter this, twitter that. Who I'm with. Who are you with? Where you are. Where you've been. Where you're going. I just don't care. I do it though. I'm apart of this chaos. This obsession. Creating vanity. Creating soldiers of misfortune. Creating insecurities. It's not just for high school girls with small tits. This is the time of bulk up boys. This is the day of make up girls. This is the decade of Final Fantasy. Where you get to live your dreams before you live your life. Imagine the child, alone and forgotten. No one know's the pain, the trouble, the wanting. Imagine no one knew what happened to because no one got the Facebook update. Because the message over Twitter never got around. Well now the child is gone. The pictures still exist on the web. Networked. Now people and drop in every couple of months to say that they miss you and all they want to do is hold you and see you again. It's beyond the remote control. It's on the horizons of being real people. We are becoming machine. It's starts in our pockets and ends up on our skin. It's the disbelief that it could ever happen that creates the blind and initiates the blank stare. The know it alls become the know no good. The brainiacs will become plastic. God will be replaced by Google. Food will be replaced by non-nutritive substitutes. Fire will be replaced with heat. Cold with be replaced with conditioners. Love will die. Love will evaporate. Today is sex. Today is who fucked who. Today is I put the one in the other and then did the this after the that. Today is dirty, nasty, filthy for the mind. The twisted desires have made themselves known. I am living in it. I carry the weight with me. I tell the whole world where I am. I have to keep you on your toes. Where will I be next? Keeps you guessing, I guess. Keeps you thinking, I think. Yes, I want a change of pace. I want the people to see the truth of being alive. I want to be the change. I need the world to realize that there is more than drugs, sex, and alcohol. We're dying. Dying because of the absence of love. Love for each other. Love for the the different types of people. Love for the different ideas and cultures. Maybe it's an American thing. Natural beauty is all around us but, I can't unglue my face from my cell phone. And I choose to take it with me? I need to go back to basics because I can't live like this.


  1. True humanity has been diminished by mass humanity. Its unfortunate, beautiful, tragic, and difficult to navigate... sometimes it seems as though people like you and I were born on the wrong planet, or at the wrong time.

  2. It's sad, really. But, we make the choices ourselves. We purposely create the page, login, and saturate ourselves in this artificial world. I can't believe I let myself confuse the Facebook world with the real world, and all I had to do was look up..