Monday, April 12, 2010


I have friends that drink too much. I have friends that smoke too much. I have friends that don't do anything. I want to say something but, I don't know how. Now it's all drama. Now it's tension. Now it's uncomfortable to be around you because you're always drunk. Now it's difficult to work with you because you're always high. Suddenly all of your plans have changed. Suddenly your mind has changed and you've forgotten everything. Now you're angry at everyone. Now you're always depressed. Does alcohol balance the angry? Does weed balance the sad? Fuck. You guys are bringing me down. Youth is about learning how to push and not pull. It's about learning how to be responsible. It's about learning how to be responsible while still having fun. That's called being an adult. Growing up happens. Accept it. There's more to life than screwing with your brain and rearranging your emotions. My brain is screwed up enough. I don't want to worry about you guys. I'd give up my drinking and my smoking if you guys would give me one sober moment. I'm your friend, I'll drink with you, I'll get high with you, we'll have a good time but, I won't let you bring me down.. I'm staying up. Sink or swim boys... Sink or swim.

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