Monday, March 22, 2010

There's Still More To Be Done

I'll be working Monday through Friday this week. I have 29 hours this week. Friday is pay day. For this, I am excited. As of this moment I'm broke. I just had to buy the headphones, the mic, the cable, and the sunglasses from Target... I spent the day at Omar's house. Made music from about 1pm until 9:30pm. That's a good day. Lately

I've been feeling different. During my my most recent excursion, I felt the something scratching at me. It was like something was saying "Just go... Go far far away. Don't come back for a while." It felt like something trying to pull me away. It felt good. I feel like I'm a good place to be carried away for a long time.. I want to disappear for a while. Just *poof*

I'll come back. Don't worry.

Something is changing, I can feel it.

It feels good.

Just protect me. Keep me safe. I don't want to stray too far away. I still have work to do. I still have books to read. I still have music to write. I still have people to meet. I still have stories to tell. I still have memories to take. So please, protect me from my doubts. Protect me from fear and worry. Protect me from distractions but, keep them bittersweet.  There's still more to be done.

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