Monday, December 14, 2009

Tis the Season

Laura's hair is Orange. Her birthday is on Sunday. She is turning 22.
My hair is brown. My birthday was last month. I am 21.
Laura is going on break in a few days.
I'm looking to catch a big one.
Laura is asleep next to me.
I'm wide awake.

On Friday, my truck broke down not too far from Laura's house. Today, Monday, I get a call from my sister exclaiming that my truck is ready to be picked up. Not the messenger I had in mind but, she'll do. I applied to AMC Theaters for the 4th time recently. Today, I called them for the first time ever. They told me that they just filled their staff. I think that's bullshit. So here I am, grown man, looking for work around the corner from Christmas and my lady's birthday. Not the warm, holiday cheer I usually feel around this time but, a sense of desperation and need of change instead. I think now I see the world a lot more clearly. I think now, I see myself much more clearly as well. I've been smacked around a lot these last few years. It's time to fight back and hit 'em hard. I'm just following the music. It's going to lead somewhere good, it has too. It will. No more distractions...

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