Monday, November 30, 2009

Down South

So, lost my job. Yea, that was about a month ago. My money is running low. I'm pretty much back at the beginning. Currently, I'm in Long Beach California. Scratch that, I'm in Northridge California.. Sitting across from me is Chris, and my two new aquaintences Sheryl and Natums (Nate). On the television. Scractch that, on the projected digital image on the bare wall, Dr. Pinsky is informing the West coast about celebrity drug and alcohol addiction. Though I don't doubt Dr. Pinsky's profession and skill as a doctor, I do doubt that he's saying anything worth while. He's barely a host. The stars are talking and the star trackers are talking. The publicist. AKA: the people I would call my closest friends 100 years from now that is, if I ever become/became a celebrity worth of making evening VH1 television. Dr. Pinsky just introduces the segments. I think he might be doing a slight narrative. Saved by commercials. Oh yea, I turned 21 two days ago. Go me. Laura threw a great surprise party. My closest fiends were there, suprisingly. And some people I barely knew too, surprisingly. And Marisa brought me a few cakes, surprisingly. And Harry and Kaela brought some foreign exchange students to help celebrate, surprisingly. And John got really drunk and turned into a pirate, surprisingly. Everyone left around 2am, surprisingly. I got a couple of bottle of tequila and a half drinking bottle of vodka as gifts but, I didn't get that drunk, surprisingly. All in all it was an amazing night. I plan on making an impression on So-Cal during the week I'm down here. I mean, I've already got my opinion of So-Cal, so what will So-Cal think of me? I'm going to use this time to focus on my future. I'm here not because it's fun or because Chris needs consoling for his recent break up (though, I do care greatly about both topics) I'm here to build security.

I thought about what Dave Grohl was saying during the Comcast On Demand interview snippet I stubled upon. He said that it was easy for him to believe that the life he was living wasn't real. That it wasn't a real reality. He continued to say that life and living became more clear and real the older he got.

I'm not old yet.

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